Saturday, May 12, 2012

the journey

ancient light hero,
awaits a silent abyss.
dark tides submerging
my jester heart.

thought without words,
mirrors the great beyond.
distant sorrow
alters perception.

majestic trees rising,
seed a hero's journey.
pillars of truth,
cresting an age long gone.

the end foreshadows
the lost beginning.
sleeping cap visions,
rouse ambient sojourner.

butterfly caverns open
to the lighthouse siren.
river of matter,
ambivalent ferryman.

mother of my heart
smiles knowingly.
lady in red,
i drink in your beauty.

four legged friends
chasing swollen clouds.
a sunflower society,
dancing upon rays of light.

love lights the cave
of mother nature's bosom.
the winding journey,
crashes into rock cliffs.

cool winter nights,
altered destiny.
attic moon smiles,
on the vast ocean depths.

light is a lion
born of a virgin.
coming forth
to a new beginning.

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