Monday, August 12, 2013

the goddess and the flower

There is an unrecognized intelligence that is inherent in plants that we treat as pre programmed biological happenings. They are quite brilliant and I see the parallels to the Goddess and how she seduces. Female behaviour in humans mimics this behaviour to a degree. I remember during my first ayahuasca ceremony coming to the realization that the jungle is the goddess and this is a metaphor for her beauty, her providing nature, and her terrifying side. In particular I have been thinking of how flowers seduce. They are the fruit of the plant that is stunningly intricate and beautiful and they give off an intoxicating scent. They compete for and attract the bee, the moth, and other insects that are inherently drawn to them. Once their purpose has been fulfilled, the plant's flower withers and falls away leaving just the plant and its root that has succeeded in reproducing and becoming abundant. Speaking in a broad sense, the same process is at work in women. Beauty, seduction, and fragrance combine to bewitch the male and make him chase this flower. Once the male succeeds in getting the object of his desire and deflowers it they then are faced with the choice of sticking around or moving on. It is one of those early lessons and paths where the male then chooses the road they wish to follow.

The shaman is at essence, an agent of these plants.

Funny how our western mind treats it as superstition when really it is a spiritual knowledge that far exceeds our faintest notions.

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