Wednesday, October 26, 2016

reality as a dream state

The content of recent Ayahuasca ceremonies has given me pause for thought. The ceremonies started off somewhat dark and I have also noticed the ephemeral materials used to construct the visions at first are like building blocks. My thoughts concerning this is the projection of darkness and primitive structures is of my own making. My mental energy projects the negativity at the start of the ceremony because it is my normal mind state. I usually go there first, the cynical and dismissive, so it makes sense I would enter into a world constructed out of that energy upon commencement of the inner journey. In these mind states I noticed once I silenced my mind or directed my consciousness towards love everything would change and the scenes would become more fully developed. If I am correct, what I am perceiving is the beginnings of an understanding that I am a co-creator not only in my world which I live in but it is also like a practice run of this discovery that worlds are made up of projected mental energy and since I am a novice this is what I come up with. It could also be a metaphorical representation of my limited skills in this regard. When I enlist the heart, the scenes in my visions become richer. This is very interesting and exciting because I'm keen to test and develop this. It is very reminiscent of the idea of the Logos. It is in a sense creation by fiat through mentation.

This leads to the idea of reality as a dream state. By dream state what I'm inferring is the mind at large imagining the world into existence. As the fount of all consciousness, the mind at large is responsible through the process of mentation, for this universe and the laws that govern it. The mind at large however is not the monad of non duality. The one is the combination of the masculine mind at large with the feminine creator. The mind at large is the impetus for creation but it is the feminine that brings forth creation by crafting the mental energy into forms. The separation of the feminine and masculine is what initiated the unfolding of the universal creative process and the human is the crowning achievement of this process, and we all retain aspects of the mother and the father. As children of the all we possess their traits, and they sometimes remain forever latent within or are expressed in ways unbeknownst to us. The dream state we experience during sleep is an excellent example of this. Within our dreams we create multi faceted and very interesting worlds governed by whatever laws and parameters are assigned to this state. Curiously our individual dream states revolve around our sense of self which is in stark contrast to the idea of reality as the dream state. If the mind at large maintained an overbearing sense of self then the dream state projected would be very lonely. By forfeiting the sense of self, the mind at large becomes the many, loses itself in the process, but through this sacrifice allows for the multi faceted universe. My contention is that our process of dreaming is built off of this ability to imagine worlds into existence. Why our dream worlds remain primitive and self centred is that we have not fully become cognizant of who we really are. When we reach that knowledge as a species then we can let go of ego, that sense of self, and each can effortlessly manifest another dream world of the many, creating further universes that all invariable link back to the divine couple. It leads to speculation that builds upon this idea of what level are we currently at in the dream state? Is this 'reality' we live in a product of the original monad or has the chain of dreaming reached several dreamers who have now conjured this existence which of course would then extend to other infinite dreamers who have mastered the art of mentation? I also intuit a sense of adventure, hide and seek, and discovery in this divine dream game of sorts. It is the masculine mind at large that becomes the many but the feminine aspect remains whole and reveals herself in the heart, in nature, and as the Goddess. The mind at large separated into the many, I recognize it as a part of me, my intelligence, and it has always been front and centre within though a lifelong struggle with its opposite form here in this duality, what we call ego, has ensued. The ego then at some point in our lives gets the upper hand. By sensing the presence of the feminine and allowing the heart to flourish one can receive the strength necessary to give the mind the power to overcome ego, throw off its chains and rescue the princess, the feminine, who has been imprisoned by the dragon, AKA the ego.

It is said by the indigenous people who are very experienced with Ayahuasca that the visions induced by this brew are of the same world as dreams. I have given much thought to this and compared the visionary and dream state from a personal standpoint. Curiously in the visionary state I have had experiences where I have felt I was participating in the creation of the vision and what was interesting about it was the primitive nature of the vision. When I felt that I was in control of the process I have recorded that the vision felt and looked like it was made out of Lego blocks and was crude. During my last cycle of work I made major strides in being able to quiet the mind and allow the heart space to become the driver of the visionary state. This was because when I remained within my head I had major problems dealing with ego and the ceremonies would turn dark but when I finally gained the ability to move out of the head and into the heart the vibe changed dramatically. Not only the darkness dissipated but the quality of the visions became more detailed and ornate. As well when I have remained ensconced in the head space visions at times have ceased altogether. It leads me to believe my capacity for dreaming a world into existence is very primitive, as expected, and it would be a long teaching process to advance to a level of mastery concerning the ability to create worlds. What seems to corroborate this is the first time I drank Ayahuasca and was immediately in the presence of the Goddess and remained that way for the night. The visions were of exquisite and bejewelled rooms dripping with opulence and a smell that delighted my senses, so much so my seeking out this fragrance in the mundane world has proved fruitless! This was the dream world of the Goddess. The second time I drank and became ensconced in the hypnotic world of the ego it was not pleasant at all, but rather quite strange, upsetting, and induced a huge amount of fear. It brings up the idea of co-creation and being given a choice of what kind of world you want to create not only in the dream state but within the consensus reality waking dream state we find ourselves currently in. The dream state compared to the visionary state on the other hand is for the most part pretty rich and varied but always from a first person perspective and I have noted instances of ego mind permeating the dream where I would be judging others actions within the dream. The dream state is naturally relinquished to the subconscious yet I maintain a sense of self, the ego spell, which then contaminates the dream. Conversely in the visionary state I have been able to to bypass ego and that results in a feeling of oneness, connection, bliss, and universal love. When ego has been allowed to remain in the visionary state the experience goes dark.

This is continuing education in the school of universal consciousness.

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