Monday, July 15, 2019

unconditional love

Looking for unconditional love leads to the family unit. Within this structure the main purpose seems to be support for each other and this caring comes unconditionally. Colloquially we hear phrases like blood is thicker than water and the meaning behind this axiom is family ties and how they are unbreakable. I know you can cite to me many ways that this is untrue or that sometimes family bonds have conditions or expectations of behaviour but I have found for the most part this saying is true and families tend to stand by one another unconditionally regardless of the situation.

The use of psychedelics, especially the plant based medicines such as Ayahuasca and Huachuma, have within them properties that can facilitate a change in one's thinking patterns and a profound ability to demonstrate that love is all you need and is the most sacred of the sacred. After an experience such as this, one needs to integrate what you have been shown and have learned and without some kind of support that is a major challenge. In my experience at least, I have found that it is a continuing education class so that there isn’t an expectation from the spirits of the plants that within a few ceremonies you will become a transcended and enlightened being who exudes love and is all wise and all knowing. Instead it is just the beginning and you go back out into the world and try out your new found awareness. You fail miserably at it and then you recognize even more how you are failing. I developed a profound sadness and frustration over repeated failure. Within these experiences you are actually learning and on the way to passing the course because you are aware now of your own need for love and how you can help foster that in the world. All this grows day by day and of course some days are way better than others!

Eventually I think you see within all this capacity to love and you realize the essential unity of, well, the whole universe. When we separate the universe into bits we establish boundaries and this illusory duality we construct is made up of conditions. To act unconditionally within the duality we create is full of frustration. The plants can help give you an understanding of being all in this together along with the sense that we all are one family and this realization leads to unconditional love for all. You may have a brother who is a drunk and a jackass who lies and steals but you still invite him over for the holidays because you love him. There is an eternal kind of forgiveness at work here that leads to unconditional love. This doesn’t mean condoning or accepting questionable actions that hurt others or even self but instead forgiving and expressing love so that others will become aware of love. Being touched by love is a powerful experience and has the capacity to change the world. Places like SpiritQuest ultimately are in the service of cultivating this love, planting the seed within, and then giving you the tools to water and feed the love within so it grows and expresses itself as a most beautiful flower. People smell the fragrance of love you are expressing and want to do the same. This can’t be repeated enough. 

The psychedelic experience is available to all if you desire it however the profundity of the message will be lost if not guided or grounded by underlying compassion and integrity. You see, us humans have the exceptional ability to monetize just about everything and when this becomes the primary reason for doing something then energetically that rubs off and enters into the equation. I’m going to relate a personal story here now. When you are given messages from plant teachers they don’t usually come clean or to put it another way the language they use can be symbolic and then part of the homework is trying to figure out what is meant. This meaning cannot be obtained without being brutally honest with yourself as there is no hiding from the plants; they are pretty aware of how much of a screw up you are. Anyways in the summer of 2016 I was at SpiritQuest and in the final Huachuma ceremony we conclude the retreat by inhaling Vilca which in certain circumstances has the uncanny ability to pretty much make it seem like you are dying and then you break through the veil to the ‘other side.’ Well on the other side I was floating up through the three shamanic worlds of my birth, my place now, and then post mortem. Eventually I was shown I had the capacity to heal and I could facilitate this through the use of Mapacho, which is potent jungle tobacco. I came to understand that the symbolism behind this message also involved something along the lines of the Amazon jungle definitely doesn’t need another shaman. A survey of the situation and a gathering up of anecdotal evidence reveals that the modern practice of shamanism as we westerns know it, is essentially commercial. Of course no operation can survive without an influx of capital, that’s just basic economics, and the staff that makes things comfortable for you are not indentured servants so their time must be accounted for hence no good retreat is going to be an exercise in unadulterated altruism. What I’m getting at is the mission of the retreat has to be first and foremost service and compassion dedicated to the healing of all and this great planet we inhabit. Human beings are transparent and this is a vibe that is easily detected. I kind of get the message now. The Amazon jungle doesn’t need another shaman because that is now just another word for businessman. The world needs healers; practitioners whose medicine is love. A healer by being of service to love, whatever form that may take. 

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