Tuesday, April 10, 2018

lessons from jaguar

I think therefore I am. What an amazing statement! Thinking causes you to self reflect and develop an identity - the ego. Take the opposite of this statement: not thinking dissolves the sense of self. In order to feel cosmic unity then stop thinking. If I don't think then It is realized how connected we are with everything and that there is no I. It is only through thinking that I enable the ego to differentiate and create identity self. If I want to feel that I am one with the universe then all I have to do is cease thinking.

The jaguar acts, reacts, and subsequently rules the three shamanic worlds.

The jaguar masters his domain not by pondering but through action. Thinking introduces time, hesitation, anxiety, depression, and confusion. Time is derivative from thinking and if you do not think but just act, there is no time. Thinking creates maya, which is this world of separate objects and illusion. Primarily, thought enables the ego and from there we separate ourselves from the background of existence. It is through thinking that we become split and our troubles begin. We wish to return to a simpler time, a time when we felt that we were the all and all the while it is still here within and there is no need to return to any kind of simpler time. The only requirement to return to this bliss is to cease thinking. It is always there. Once you know this then the act of thinking becomes something you do, and then stop doing, instead of ceaselessly continuing to live in this world that is given its power to enchant through thinking. You just realize that as long as I think then I will enable ego and if I give rise to ego, seeking unity through acts invested in ego is just asking for continual frustration.

The only way to bypass your ego is to stop thinking. If you persist in thinking you will never find peace. As a functioning human you now see this is impossible; of course you will think. It is something you do but you do not need to think all the time. Give it a rest. This leads to the realization that trying to become enlightened through constructs and paths that have as origin mind and thoughts necessarily leads to more hang ups and questions. A seeker of enlightenment only needs to turn off the thought process. 

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