Monday, April 16, 2018


I have delved into some of the eastern philosophies such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The Tao really resonates with my heart. Anyway, all of these ways of life have within them mysticism and diving into this aspect are available attainable powers and magic; magic a word used mysteriously but in my experience it seems to be a catch all for attaining control over something through an unorthodox, ritual, or clandestine means. Within Hinduism these powers are called siddhis and one is cautioned that if you attain them to forget about them. It seems there is a fork in the road at this point where the path you may follow can detour into being mesmerized with power. In order to continue up the mountain on the path towards 'enlightenment' you must forsake these mercurial powers or they will entrap. This has struck me as most fascinating because in my exploration of Amazonian shamanism I see a parallel. The brujo/bruja in shamanism is a sorcerer who has attained power that they use for personal aggrandizement. This power is used to heal but is also channeled into being used for gain and sometimes harm. It is rampant and a curious sideshow in the Amazon. The cultural game is played out with psychological battles between good and bad shamans trying to take each other down. All shamans claim to be the good guy; it's hard to find the evil sorcerer. I see within this drama the same thing as the siddhis of the East. They are powers that will corrupt, but once attained I imagine they are quite intoxicating and hard to give up. In my personal exploration I see now that path, the fork in the road, and how hard it is to travel the path up the mountain. There are many events steering you away from taking that road, from scaring the bejeezus out of you, to trying to trick you, and also by offering you these powers - here take them, it will make you successful and a sorcerer of great renown! Everyone wants to be rich and famous right? I haven't given in to temptation yet though I see quite clearly now at what points they have been offered. I have stubbornly and almost to a point naively meandered on my own path. It is the independent streak within me where I don't want anyone's help. I remember the Goddess warning me at one point about the tricks and how the darkness will stop at nothing to create illusions and traps to trip you up and get you off the path. There have been a great deal I have seen through and probably many I have missed. I continue to persist in my folly and somehow avoid this net that will try to ensnare me. This seems to be my attraction to don Howard and SpiritQuest. He knows about this power game I am sure. And he offers both paths in that it is ultimately your choice, or healing, or just an experience for the curious if that is so what you desire. I have seen the path to power and it is available, don Howard tells us all the time about it. And he offers the path towards higher consciousness. He calls it what it is - reveals it for all to see and plain as day. There is a decline and renunciation of power needed in order to continue the climb. It's the more difficult of the paths.

The seed of deception is born within the mind. Layer after layer and trick after trick. The mind is duplicitous and will lie, cheat, and use nefarious means to get what it wants. The way forward is through the heart. The heart gives good advice.

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