Monday, June 11, 2018

character actor

The word character is a favourite of mine especially when used to describe someone's behaviour. Why? It's because a character is someone playing a part, a role, in some kind of drama. Our personal character that we develop is based on choices we make throughout life that become consistent to the point that you can be depended on to exhibit that behaviour. But it is all an act! It's just some game you are playing and you can change it at any time and play another role. But then the people who 'know' you will think you have gone crazy and are acting out of character!

We do have choice in what game your character is going to play. Existence is essentially a game and then there are games within the game. Most characters attach to and play the culture game; it's hard not to because everyone else is participating in that one and it's very serious, please do not refer to it as a game! When you want to escape the enforced conformity and play a new game or your own game the whispers start and people ask what is wrong with you. Try it. Try not playing the game society expects of you. I stopped the politics one and barely know what's going on in the news cycle and it's very peaceful and liberating. When I check in occasionally to that game it is so ugly and rife with divisiveness, name calling, and sabre rattling. How dare I not care about politics? The game I have chosen to play is no less real than any other game, you can't convince me otherwise. It's an eye opening exercise to realize this and once you do you start peering into all the games within society, how people play certain ones, and how we are expected to all play the culture one. In addition, it seems obvious that the backbone of our 21st Century world is identity. Society is structured on rigid identities for all that is forced upon you from the moment you leave the comfort of mama's womb. Assuming a different identity will get you expelled from the banking, health, and government services sectors in short order.

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