Monday, October 1, 2018

creator and destroyer

To explain the idea of creator and destroyer is to not take it from a literal and physical standpoint. Instead approach it from the standpoint of idealism and then it will make sense to you, though making sense is probably not a prerequisite of the concept. As an individuated representative of total consciousness, it is mind that creates the world in which it exists. We create our world generated from what we can sense. What we are not aware of does not become part of the image we form of the world. Do you see that? What we cannot sense we cannot possibly incorporate into our vision of the world. Since we all have the same base senses we come up with a common and plausible conception of the world. Those that have extrasensory perception or alter their conscious awareness describe a world that seems strange and fantastic to the consensus reality we operate within. They are hinting at something beyond but since it is inaccessible for the most part it is relegated to the designation of fantasy.  We have created this image of the world. As destroyer we then see through this facade. Destroyer is to not be taken as a pejorative term; instead it is a good thing! By once again drawing on primal awareness, free of spin, you can break free of the commonality of consensus reality and throw off the chains of what you are supposed to believe courtesy of others who hold the key to that agenda. In a way become a child again and sense the world with wonder. Give yourself a reset and start creating your own world, not someone or something else's world. The power is in your hands. 

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