Monday, October 8, 2018


Imagine holding in your hands ultimate power! You have the power to control and alter anything you wish. We all strive for power. Play this scenario out to the end. You would become totally bored. Then you would start giving it away; you would feel the rush of uncertainty, of spiraling out of control. Eventually you would give away all this power in order to create a world of unending possibilities; a world that would test your ability to love under the most dire of situations. To see what you are really made of when put to the challenge.

What kind of game would you construct? What unsolvable mystery would you have woven into the fabric of existence to frustrate and enchant? It is pretty clear humans love games, puzzles, rolls of the dice, and games of chance. Once you have totally immersed yourself in the game what is the fallback strategy? When you totally fuck yourself over who has the key to get you out? It seems to be Her. So we try and stay away from her, and her mysterious plants, because she has the secret and the answers to the riddle and shows you the door to exit the game. The way out and home is through her gift of the heart when you are ready. You can continue to play the game and see how much you can accumulate, both physical and emotional stuff, before it is game over. Or maybe you are of the mindset that you want to deconstruct and figure out this game and so you can’t let it go and continue searching for clues to unlock the whole enterprise. Life as we live it is always a race against time. Health and finally death are relentless stalkers.

The dragon is there in the game as the last line of defence against totally unlocking the truth, like the final boss. When all else fails then out comes the threats on your life to get you to turn back and leave the path behind. You can't win this game without courage and there is a requirement of no fear. It will be tested. Once you take a step into the unknown with an ounce of bravery to counteract the trepidation, it opens up. Dragons are bullies and standing up to them will cause them to back down. But enormous strength is required to vanquish the master player and most impressive foe.

Now is time for self examination in terms of the game. I'm not interested in the accumulation gambit neither do I desire fame and glory. My motivation in this game has been to solve the mystery. It is a vast conundrum and I'm not sure there is a 100% solvability rate but at this point, year 50 of my game, I'm pretty cool with what I have figured out. Equally important is my uncanny ability to have sidestepped all the pitfalls and traps life throws at you to knock you off that path of discovery or to tie you up in knots and possibly get you to sell out to some belief system in order to accept a belief in someone else's beliefs. Haven't done that at all. It's all me baby! No more games after this one, well at least for a while...

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