Monday, February 25, 2019

energetic thoughts

The body perishes but where is our energy on the cycle of appearances? Is it still ascending or is it like the body where it has exhausted itself and needs to recharge in order to create a new vehicle?

Our world is a giant evolutionary simulation where through trial, error, and redesign life forms are created that are harmonious within the environment. This instructional code is then used when the species propagates itself. The body is an inseparable product of its environment. The features, shape, and modalities of extracting energy from our surroundings are all based on an evolution of the intelligent energy derived from its relationship with the sustaining earth. The body is the flowering of the energy that has come forth. The energy is not blind, nor dumb. All that we feel - love, hate, happiness, satisfaction, depression, anxiety and so on are within the hum. So is the potentiality and intelligence necessary to manifest life, universes, and more love. The energy to power the body vehicle comes from the environment in the form of foodstuff, oxygen, water, minerals and so on. These nutrients power the generator of the life force that animates the body. It's a massive transformer, much like a hydroelectric plant that converts raw force into electricity. In fact that's what we are - mini turbines. We convert the abundant energy that comprises the universe into a life force that powers the body, the body encapsulating the dimension of energy that is aware and instinctual. Through this construct the energy can build upon awareness to try and know self and formulate a conscious idea about the universe that contains it. From this, there is a realization that there is energy and a container that holds the energy and the two are inseparable. The container is black and the energy is white. The container is female and the energy is male. The container of latent energy is the Taoist yin and the coming forth of the energy is yang.

Sentient beings transform the raw materials into more energy which powers the bodies made up of the same raw energy. Everything is recycled and the energy is forever being used up, released, and recycled. The energy is also supremely intelligent and has access to omnipotence, as it is a replica of what we theorize as 'god'. The energy fluctuates, comes forth and disappears in a continuous cycle, and infinite amounts of god are the result, each with the capacity to birth more universes and create more life. 

You can call this magic.

I am a tributary off the main energetic wave. Pulsation is everything. Objects are illusions crafted by delineation and language. Nothing lasts. Project this unto the static image of you. You are energy cresting and falling repeatedly. You as you won't last and why would you want to when you can change form and renew? Are you scared of death? Why? Your energy will crest again; it always does. 

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