Monday, March 4, 2019

changing consciousness

I think what my relationship to the plants boils down to is altering consciousness to connect to spirit. The modalities for altering consciousness are distinct and have their own peculiarities however the ability to change consciousness is what is paramount. I believe with proper set and setting then you get experiences that would be trans cultural and transcend the modality used to get there. Teacher plants open your mind but you still have to do the work.

The description of Shamanic journeys are of course tainted by the spin we place on them as we bring them into our everyday world and consciousness. I think what I am getting at here is that a preferred shaman is a hands off shaman who guides you into the non ordinary worlds but then leaves you be so you can then just be aware. Well getting to that point of awareness takes practice but ideally that's the goal. Afterwards you can then put your spin on what happened but it is best to have a base of plain awareness to go on. Sometimes Ayahuasca is like a game of charades; this can be frustrating to some who have been conditioned to look for structure and defined ideas as opposed to free flowing chaos however that's part of her charm and her mystery. It's not a one off experience that after a night in the intoxication it's done. No far from it. The post plant medicine use goes on for days, weeks, and months for the attentive student. Sometimes what you thought the teaching was all about in six months can get flipped around.

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