Monday, March 25, 2019

seeing beyond culture

Upon awakening, the culture spin connects archetypal figures to western indoctrination. This is a trap set for the seeker. The church is waiting for you and is set up to welcome you when you start to have these experiences. Unfortunately for most, once into something organized then the path becomes a belief in someone else's beliefs and if you do not possess a strong mind you will fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

My advice to the seeker of knowledge is to see beyond culture. The easy answer is to look towards respected institutions that have been accepted into your culture however as the bard Terence McKenna liked to say: "Culture is not your friend." Push past the spiritual figures set up by the church. You will find the answer within and you have probably already been shown it but haven't made the connection as of yet or you just can't believe it. It took me two years after I was gifted with the answers to put it all together and accept it.

A good teacher will show you where to look. Through ritual and symbolism is hinted the answer you seek however they ultimately do not directly reveal the answer. To simply tell someone the answer will not be beneficial in the long run. You need to experience it for yourself, to have that epiphany, and to feel it within. The human psyche is pretty unique in that way. It’s why advertising works so well. You are inundated with the message until it sticks. The same messaging can be used to wake people up so they see it.

Here I will give you the answer though I did just say this will not be beneficial to you. Remember you need to walk the path and feel this within or these words will become hollow. You won't believe me but here it is: you are it, the all, pretending you aren't. You contain within both the sacred feminine and sacred masculine. One of them has come forth and the other lies within asleep. If you are a man then you need to wake her up, and rescue the divine princess. If you are a woman then you need to arouse the sleeping prince. Once you realize this and do this very thing it's magic. They become your guardian angel, your wise confident, and your eternal lover. The embrace of the two reconstitutes the 'god' which is the sexual union of the feminine and masculine. The child which is the expression of these two who were separate but are now reunited is everything. The remnants of this story are found in our myths, fairy tales, and the medieval practice of alchemy. Look at these fables now with this knowledge. It will awaken within you this knowledge. As a culture we blindly reenact it externally in courtship rituals, the wedding, and the union of the marriage partners to create the child. This genderless child who is an expression of the all.

Your story now needs a hero and you're it. Happy trails! 

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