Monday, March 18, 2019

ritual and the mesa

There is something instructive about seeing the temporal state of duality coming forth from non duality. It reveals, if you look, the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Then you can also see them as one. Ritual is best when it is designed to teach you the mystery. To point you in the direction to look and wake you up so you see it because you only learn by understanding and seeing it for yourself.

I have been thinking of the construct of the Mesa and the need for Love. Balance is what the Mesa ultimately teaches. We live in a world that is unbalanced and severely tilts towards the right hand path of power, competition, striving to get to the top, and leaves compassion for the fellow human to the bleeding hearts and the weak. The antidote to this imbalance is the left hand path back to mama. To Love. It’s true that Love is the answer and it is the answer for our world because of imbalance and we need a dose of the feminine caring and inclusiveness to bring everything to centre as it is balance that will make us whole. When we are in balance we can surf the energetic wave of power. We ride the wave of life as long as we can before it goes crashing into the shore and we return to unity. While on the great roller coaster of life we can strive to make each of our feminine and masculine selves impeccable. Doubling down on just one aspect of ourself doesn’t seem to work and leads to destructiveness in the case of the male or smothering in the case of the female. We have all hopefully felt that Love and in a way it is a reason for who we are today. We left home probably because of it. It was smothering and we wanted to make it on our own. Accomplish some great achievement and make our parents proud and satiate our need to shine and say to the world hey I’m good enough. I can do this all on my own. Well we have and we left Love behind and we have to double down on Love to get this game board balanced. If we then tilt it back too much towards the left, we smother our independent drive once again and this bad balance results again. The Mesa teaches us to surf the wave, avoid the extremes in order that we don’t crash into the shore. Ride that wave to the end, step off onto the shore, power up again, and get out into the surf and shine on for another ride you crazy diamond!

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