Monday, April 15, 2019

walking a path with heart

The naysayers all have their correct path and yours is flawed. Their method is more pure; done without the use of a catalyst. They are one up in this eternal game of my game is better than your game as they demonstrate not only are they winning their game but it is a superior and more accepted game than yours! Granted the plant medicine path just may be a shortcut to the mindfulness you seek however it is also the most dangerous. So there ha! Score one for my path! Instead of a ten year meditation sojourn to bliss while sweeping up at the ashram, you experience it all within a short period of time and there is no hiding from it. You approach and you will receive the light and the dark. You will face tests of courage, strength, and resolve to which no amount of chanting or meditation compares. Having these spiritual tools available, such as a meditation practice, is a great resource however there is no reason to malign whatever path the seeker chooses to walk. As I have said many times before, there are infinite paths to what you are seeking; the only necessity to find what it is you seek is to walk a path that has heart.

There are so many differences within each and every one of us it is folly to think your method works in a superior way or that one size fits all. No, the plant medicine path isn’t for everyone and properly stewarded it would contain a screening process to make sure those that wish to partake of its benefits are well suited for it. It was tradition in the ancient mystery schools that you had to be accepted into the school; you couldn’t just sign up and expect to be blessed with the wisdom and a glimpse of the mystery.

For those that culture has convinced you need a long arduous process and a guru in order to see the light there is a path for them. In order to satisfy the requirement that the process for awakening is gradual this will work. For those that can handle sudden awakening there is Zen and there are also plant medicines. The integration period that follows awakening is what separates the wheat from the chaff. You can get the answer immediately but you still have to do the work afterward or it remains hollow and will come off as drivel to those that you try and explain your new found insight of the universe to. There’s no way around that and this integration is what does take time. You can put off this realization as long as you want and people do love seeking. I get it as it’s fun and it brings meaning to existence, especially if you have got locked into that 9 to 5 routine. Eventually you have to realize you have the answer. There’s no party, no confetti, or announcement in the local paper that you are now enlightened. You just know. This is the end of the beginning. You can stop seeking but the path opens up to you now and the old axiom about actions speaking louder than words really comes into play. 

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