Monday, November 22, 2021

chasing power

I’m reflecting on the nature of power as I stand on the precipice of mastery which in turn presents to the student the ring. I have to prepare for this stage. I know enough to always turn left and leave the bright lights and self-glorification for others. Those continual choices have served me well so I find guidance in continuing on with this mode of exploration.

We all do chase power as well as the ability to control others and outcomes which leads to a world ordered the way we wish it to be. It’s why we get up in the morning and go to work. We don’t trust anything will be given to us; that we will be fed; or that anyone will unconditionally help us. I mean everything seems to be transactional and the currency for the exchange is time and money. We acquire money through giving up our time, selling our physical or mental gifts, and working for this credit which allows for us to have a modicum of control over our lives. At this point in our life, others look at us and internally nod, knowing we are playing the cultural game and have it all together. We are dependable and the system rewards us. Being stable and having a fixed identity allows us access to all the rewards in life, most importantly being liked by the bank. Credit allows us to purchase houses, cars, and fancy vacations. It all works out as long as we keep working for it and bow to the demands of culture.

What if you stop working while still being able to do so? Eventually, it all gets taken from you and you reside in run down accommodations and are thrown scraps. Faced with that decision, I get out of bed in the morning and go to work. I’ve mentioned this before so I’ll re-iterate: Freedom isn’t glamorous nor does it have any relationship to opulence. Naturally, those who play the game seek to be successful and one up each other. I mean why bother playing if you aren’t going to seek out success? Playing out the string for scraps would lead to depression. This motivates us even more to acquire as much power and wealth as possible. It is yet another right-hand egoistic path to follow. We want our friends and neighbours to hold us in artificial high esteem due to wealth and we reflect that admiration in the choices we make, the year and model of our cars, and how well manicured our front lawn is.

To be successful and not want these things is a head scratcher. You become a bit of a mystery and some may try and figure you out. I gravitate towards t-shirts and jeans, public transit, and an unkempt lawn. There’s a rebellious streak coming out in my behaviour along with a longing to be free. Non-conformity and disobedience speak to me. There’s now not much left tethering me to society. I still have dependents; so, there’s that and it’s got another couple years or so to play out. After that, the balance is tilted towards freedom so I do have to start thinking about what I want or should I say, what I don't want?

So back to power: We are slaves to our desires and in order to fulfill these desires we need power. We make a bargain with the darkness within us in order to get what we want. To hide this choice and subsequent ugliness, we dress up our intentions and put a little lipstick on it or a nice tailored suit. Your shadow acquiesces to what you want and gives you the strength and resolve to chase your dreams. In exchange, the shadow has its desires that in reciprocity you have to feed. We’ve seen this constantly play out in society. The most depraved among us are those who are the most powerful. It is so common and repetitive, I don’t even have to give examples or highlight the names of those I am talking about.

As I have previously revealed, this darkness is your master teacher. He will give you what you want in order to teach you a lesson. Ultimately, it’s a lesson in freedom. The pursuit of power and control is the antithesis to freedom and will transform you into a monster when played out to its extreme and finality. The path of having control over others ends in depravity. Even a little bit of control turns people into tyrants. Ever seen some of these frustrated authoritarians' behaviour with pets? Having power means having to maintain this power and become even more cruel to fend off competitors. You are taken down a path so reprehensible, a lesson in cruelty and suffering, thus you will eventually understand the teaching. All this is teaching you liberation. It’s a real-life class with real and terrible consequences.

The wheel keeps spinning as long as you keep turning right and lighting up the circuit by collecting power and chasing desire. 

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