Friday, September 27, 2013

hello, is there anybody in there?

It seems to me that as a culture group we, the west, were totally unprepared to deal with the explosion of psychedelia in the '60's. This despite the fact our ancestors were masters at exploration of these realms. So successful was the methodical persecution, by organized religion and their agents, of these devices to deliver altered states of consciousness that collectively the whole rediscovery experience was akin to discovering a new toy. Without proper guidance, whether that be a priest, shaman, or a respected wise elder, the use of these substances devolved into a mess of societal discord and unfathomable horrors for the ill prepared. As much as the establishment will continually try to suppress and stamp out these modalities of consciousness exploration, this adventurous spirit within us is ingrained and the flame will never be snuffed out. 

Shaman's altar

Just as we inexorably march towards exploration of the vast physical realms of outer space so to will we push to go back into the neglected regions of our psyche, known to the ancients as the netherworld.

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