Friday, January 6, 2017

wishful thinking

I came across the ideas of wishful thinking or wish fulfillment plus the avoidance of difficult situations, my feeling being that difficult situations can be incredibly healing and allow you to transcend your current situation. These ideas gave me pause for thought due to the nature of duality we live in. The masculine intellectual mind has the ego mind as its polar opposite. The feminine world soul, our hearts, I have viewed as being an undivided rock mainly because of my belief that love transcends duality and is something that comes from unity hence our difficulty with it, though when exposed to it we realize it is the only way. Engendered from the love bequeathed by the feminine polarity is wisdom and from this we also get intuition. There's always been the question of how do you know your intuition is correct? That's where the wishing comes in. We may wish something to be true or decide to believe the best or worst about something or someone despite our intuition telling us something else. It's the intuitive faculty being compromised by a function of ego steering us towards a fantasy or something we or the ego wants to control by assigning a false belief towards. It's a very subtle way by the ego of directing the edifice it has attached itself to towards its end goals. It is a form of delusion that creeps in slowly because instead of using our inner guide we start believing things based on whether it aligns with our thinking and what we want to happen. Intuition can be uncomfortable and it can challenge us, reveal things about our nature that are not at all pleasant and not always positive.

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