Monday, May 7, 2018

eastern thoughts, western filter

Trying to sum up a Hindu philosophical construct - something about desire and pleasure that lead to actions you then undertake seeking that pleasure being the root of karmic suffering and the continuance of manifestation in samsara. Desire comes about due to ignorance of whom you are so in order to gain moksha/liberation you need to come to the realization that you are Brahman and you are already everything therefore you do not need to seek anything. However it is not so cut and dried. I agree we are at root one and in essence Brahman but where I differ is that Brahman is the Goddess and we are her children. We are supposed to desire, we are desire, we are to get attached, and we are to learn about the greatest gift of all which is Love and yes that can lead to suffering but it's worth the gamble. The popular philosophical underpinnings of Hinduism is masculine non attachment, devoid of feeling, and an impossible aim that relieves suffering and in return amps up indifference. In the words of a wiseman I know it's time to "lean into it" and by it I mean desire. Move desire into the heart and exude the desire to Love. Instead of running away from powerful desire, take that power, and channel it into the heart.

Maya as illusion means impermanence. Existence is always on the move, nothing stays the same. Clinging to things, attachments, causes suffering because the natural way is always change. Now is all there is. Time is a state of hypnosis based on motion and being fooled into reflecting upon a past and projecting into the future. It is a dream state where we think time is real. It is due to Maya, which is impermanence. It gives us a reference for time due to the constant motion and changes we register within our memory. This leads us to perceive what we call time.

Maya as measurement separates, delineates, and contextualizes which is what gives us the belief in separate things and we lose the ability and access to discover that the universe is all one and you can’t separate things from it, it all goes together. You can’t have one without the other.

Karma is your own doing. Really going into this concept is quite the mental journey. All of the things in my life really have been my own doing. Decisions I made, perhaps without thought of consequences or being diligent enough resulted in some bad outcomes last year in terms of a rental unit. Lesson learned - karma. But what is fascinating is going deeper into this concept. I am here on this earth now because it is my own desire. I desired this incarnation and made it happen. I'm no accident of birth; an encounter between my mom and dad resulted in my birth and I was the desire that made it all happen. And check this out - if you go further into the exploration of who you are at some point you will come across the inseparability of all so pursuing that concept in conjunction with karma reveals that all of creation is my own doing. This universe is all my desires come to fruition and some kind lady made it all happen. Chew on that for a while.

The masculine mind has to make things right and play them out to their inescapable logical conclusion. In antiquity you can extract this from the philosophy handed down from the Hindus especially concerning Advaita Vedanta. This body of metaphysical speculation is impressive and is the path to supreme knowledge of self. I am blown away at the depth of their thinking. It was not long after though it dawned on me. It is such a masculine philosophy to the point of parody. Of course men would take it to this conclusion, there’s no other way for the left brained among us. In Greek mythology Apollo would be so proud of man obtaining this knowledge and then Hermes would laugh at him, tell Apollo to lighten up, and learn to play the lyre. In the end this philosophy denies the passions, it forsakes desire, and dismisses intuition. The reaction against this on the Indian subcontinent are the forming of various schools of Tantra to try and bring a semblance of feminine balance back into Advaita philosophy. The flowering of Tantra is the Devi Gita which maintains non-duality but assigns the Self, Brahman, to the the Great Goddess Bhuvaneshvari and all her passions, beauty, play, and desire. Knowledge is not the final answer and non-duality is subordinate to Love. The ultimate reality is Love, the answer is Love, everything is Love, and that ultimately comes from mama.

Shakti is the object of my desire.

She is the only object and everything comes from her. Objectifying anything else is fleeting because it is not real, it is maya. Through ignorance/avidya I do not see this, much like then only way I can say I have a leg is to ignore the rest of my body.

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