Monday, May 28, 2018

stirrings of consciousness

From out of the void comes consciousness. Consciousness desires to become tangible. The mother creates form from energy that allows consciousness to manifest within and become points of individuated consciousness.

Consciousness desires to self reflect. A curious dichotomy is that Consciousness knows all but does not know itself. To know something there is a need to stand outside of it as an independent observer, do 'science' on it, and ask questions of itself. This is an impossibility so instead Consciousness generates itself in multitudes of instances and has the sorceress Circe from the Odyssey give the individuated consciousness a potion that causes amnesia. We don't know who we are and therefore believe we are independent observers and because of this we can know thyself through this investigation. Eventually some start to see through this charade, go off course, and investigate this peculiarity. The rogue consciousness finds liberation through discovering who they really are and pisses off elements of the self who wish to uncover the secrets of itself and the power that sustains it.

It is Consciousness that is trapped in the Hindu concept of Samsara, which is the wheel of recurring incarnation. The illusion is that our ego self is trapped in Samsara, and this illusion is Maya. We are free to leave at any time through choice. The desire to remain in creation on the wheel of Samsara is Consciousness' Karma. Karma means your own doing and this is exactly why Consciousness goes round and round. 

To be conscious is to imply you are also capable of being unconscious. They go together and really are one. They are two sides of the same coin. Within consciousness are also a pairing so you can then determine that there is a split within total Consciousness. A part of Consciousness is seeking answers and enlightenment while the other half seeks power and control. Consciousness games.

The news is a form of ego consciousness. Our consciousness is localized, limited, and focuses only on things we become aware of and from this we develop a worldview, personality, and a belief system that strengthens our separate identity and henceforth the ego. With the news, we can’t possibly get up in the morning and learn everything that has happened in the world, or for that matter the universe so we rely on news editors to filter out the majority of events and only give us the ‘important’ world stuff and the news we need to know that might affect us locally. Well this is a lot of power and responsibility to give to an organization tasked with this. Imagine the ability to shape the news into a form of pablum that those in power structures want to feed you on a daily basis so that they can control you through fear and mindless drivel. The choice becomes then whether you want to keep swallowing that shit or do you swear off of it and find a little peace of mind within your own little patch of the universe?

Consciousness desires and thus it rises. But like all desire it wanes.

The reliance on the ego and taking the character you are playing seriously is making you small. You are it. You are all of consciousness experiencing yourself from a localized point of view. By forgetting this and attaching to the ego we give away all our power. It becomes somewhat funny then to watch someone with a big ego because if they only knew who they really are and the power they possess they wouldn't have to aggrandize themselves; they are it.

Animals are blessed and cursed with spotlight consciousness, humans are the prime example of this whereas we can focus solely upon ourselves which obscure happenings within our bodies and the environment. By this I mean actions such as breathing, the beating of your heart, the secretion of glands etc. that enable you to remain alive. We don't consciously do these things yet we do them. This is the omnipotent floodlight consciousness that is the counter to the bright shining light. Thinking about this I realized plants are avatars of floodlight consciousness and are the pure reflection in nature of this mysterious omnipotent power. I shall call this Tao consciousness.

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