Monday, August 20, 2018

holy grail

As the peculiarities, vagaries, and precariousness of life present challenges to us in our life journey what is that one thing humanity seeks? It's the fountain of youth, the holy grail, the quest for immortality. Do you want to know what the secret is to eternal life? Here I will give you the answer. The secret to eternal life is quite simply Love. Love is the fount and if you have access to this source then immortality is within your grasp. You then surf the Love wave. Without this access you remain on the cycle of coming and going, living and dying. My Vilca vision last November at SpiritQuest revealed some of these immortals that ride the Love wave. They were made of Love and shone exquisite light. Here is my written recollection of this experience:

The initial and intensive phase of the coming on of Vilca was pretty much a summation of all the difficulties, hardships, and in your face challenges presented by the plant medicines over the course of the last four and a half years to see if I - the knave, to wit the fool, could summon the courage to stay the course and remain invested in the path available by entering into the heart space. It took trust, a hell of a lot of courage, and much resolve, which admittedly did waver a few times, but though I definitely was wary and had much trepidation at no time did fear overwhelm me. I was able to steer my vessel on through and past the tempest. To my surprise the seas became calm and I was lifted up into a realm I can describe as populated by beings made of Love; they exuded Love; and they gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my Love.

The ascension into this realm of Love and Light was gradual and felt mechanical like the movement of an elevator. I could hear mechanical sounds that were congruent with the operation of this celestial lift. When I reached my destination it was dark and and I could visually make out what appeared to be pipes and shafts in the room I now found myself in. Soon after, beings of light started to appear and they would present themselves to me and express Love through this incredibly beautiful and colourful lighting up of their whole being. The shape of these beings was geometrical, maybe diamond like, though I do not want to box them into a defined shape. They moved with an effortless grace as one would dance with expertise once mastering movement without the constraints of gravity. This Vilca vision of exquisite and luminous beings made of Love and shining an ineffable iridescence, well a decent and simple description of them comes from the title of a Pink Floyd song "Shine On You Crazy Diamond." There is a verse in that song that makes me wonder about Roger Waters' mystical experience:

"Remember when you were young and you shone like the sun?"

To describe the way the generated light came forth from these diamond like shapes so far the best analogy I have come up with is an audible term which is trill. From I grabbed these two definitions of trill that fit the behaviour I witnessed, with the difference being instead of sound it was the light they exuded expressing this behaviour:
  • to resound vibrantly, or with a rapid succession of sounds, as the voice, song, or laughter.
  • to utter or make a sound or succession of sounds resembling such singing, as a bird, frog, grasshopper, or person laughing.
They were playing the musical scale but visually, and they expressed themselves through this behaviour. It would also be analogous to Tantric descriptions of Kundalini energy that rises through the Chakras within the energetic body that changes colour upon ascension and descension. My attempts to convert this experience into language is clumsy but hopefully this gives some sort of idea into what it is I saw in this most awesome place.

I am Light and to Love I will return.

I understood them to be made of Love and to be projecting Love. I realized that it is mine and everyone’s inheritance to become one of these eternal beings of Love. Within all is this Love and all that matters is to cultivate this Love. Grow it as much as you can and shine! The room went dark and they encouraged me to do this so I lit up the room with Love. The whole scene seemed brief as compared to the torture I went through to get here but even so I was overwhelmed with gratefulness and felt so blessed. I resolved to Love as much as possible so I too will shine my Love everywhere as Love without a doubt is the answer I was seeking. It is the power that animates creation and it is how we will return home. Soon after I felt the experience fall away and I was back to a baseline of consciousness.

Well well well that's it. That's the challenge now that I know this; no more excuses. The coming and going of cyclical consciousness zaps memory so if I fail this challenge then I get to start over and spend another lifetime trying to remember why am I back again and what am I looking for? I'd have to petition Sri Ganesha for help again and rely on finding the next don Howard, and it goes without saying I'd need to be born into another good family, in another peaceful country, with access to education, and a source of well above average income. Long odds those. In other words the time is now; it's pretty imperative and urgent I'd say.

Birth and death are at similar points on the cycle of vibration in that they are at the bottom of the cycle where energy coalesces in order to burst forth once again in the continual cycle of coming and going. There is no annihilation as you are energy that pulses. The concept of eternal life becomes whether your energy can fluctuate at a vibration where you don't blow it all out in the one pass but instead taper the cycle and maintain appearances. What is the secret of drawing on the power that would allow for this? The eternal fount of energy is Love so in order to get off the merry go round all we have to do is access the power of Love. Seems simple enough.

This amalgamation of energy that forms us individually remains intact upon physical death and I think we retain a sense of self at our expiration, in other words our individuated points of consciousness do not dissolve away. I take this position because of what I have experienced in altered states of consciousness. The energy that constitutes what we describe as an autonomous self is from the eternal fount of Love. We are made of Love. Eventually I think we return to that Love and do dissolve back into the whole. Rather than this being the annihilation of self, instead it is returning to omnipotence now imbued with the experience of many lives lived. Suffering, triumph, and learning all about Love.

We are the ever changing transformation of energy. We are children of the eternal song.

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