Monday, August 13, 2018


As humans we identify with the sun because its daily cycle mimics our own patterns of coming and going, awake and rest. The moon moves around in the sky, doesn't rise and set per se, and takes its time in coming to full power before expelling that power in a gradual cycle. The sun is in a hurry everyday to get to the top and shine like no other but then it experiences a more rapid decline. The lesson is you can't hold onto it, but have to let it go, and when you do it comes back. It is the Tao and to the Now we will return.

the sun setting over the Nile in a blaze of glory!

To climb the mountain entails engaging the carnival. But then again why am I here? In probability because of a desire to climb that mountain. It is done; the mountain has been climbed. I figure now is a return to the valley to rest in peace and in the meantime, on the journey down the mountain, I can be of service.

climbed that mountain

I'm on the precipice of some kind of inner peace. I had thought if I want peace then I have to stop searching for the answer. I'd have to become a child again like I did in the second Huachuma mesada last November and play like a child of the earth mother. However in the mountains of Ecuador I was given the reminder to play and not to go all in to the left hand path but find the centre.

The pull of the right hand path in conjunction with the chill left hand path are becoming balanced. Maybe this is where I was heading all along? The right hand path drives me to find answers to the mysteries of life while the left hand path teaches me Love and unity. To find peace I thought it would be necessary to let go of the seeking. It is balance. Do not sacrifice the right hand path but instead use it to an advantage to give you the drive to keep up the quest for knowledge and to probe deeper into the mysteries.

What is it that I want? Knowledge, forbidden knowledge, knowledge of this game we are all playing, destiny.

Why? It is a puzzle I want to solve. It's near impossible but I like the challenge.

It has become clear over the last few weeks that the path of shamanism that leads to higher consciousness through the channel of the heart is the first thing in my 50 years of life that feels deep down inside a path that resonates with my essence. I say this because so many paths in my life do not. You know that awful feeling in your gut five days a week when the alarm goes off and you have to go to work? I don't mind my job, I'm good at it, but it still doesn't harmonize with my soul. I read this story about a football player who turned pro as a baseball pitcher and then couldn't throw strikes anymore because deep down his soul was telling him this is not my path. Once he went back to football he became a different person, happy again. I want to be of service and bring people to the plant medicines to heal and sit at the fount of wisdom.

My Vilca vision from the summer of 2016 at SpiritQuest of healing people through the use of Mapacho is referring to bringing people to plant medicines so they can see existence for what it is. My gift is my ability to describe the ineffable by bringing back core concepts from my journeys into altered states of consciousness and laying them out in an understandable writing style. That’s a good way to be of service.

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