Wednesday, August 23, 2017


A Huachuma vision of the light being protected on two sides by the twin serpent goddesses was stunning.

The light was the most intense light I had ever seen yet it did not obliterate the rest of the scene with its intensity. It was magical. It wasn't until I returned home from the Amazon in the spring of 2015 that I had the epiphany that the light I saw was actually me. It was a confirmation that we are all light and the pursuit and act of enlightenment is fundamentally leading to a deep sense of remembrance of whom you are. Now taking this vision further I came to understand that it was by moving the ego mind out of the equation I was able to have this experience. From a third person perspective I could view what I thought of myself as light interacting within its surroundings. The first person perspective, the sense of a separate self, had been deactivated. From this I could make the connection that the ego generates the first person perspective. I was quite pleased with figuring this out but it still left me the question of who is making the observation from the third person perspective? It took a few weeks to come up with a plausible answer to this question. At first I thought it was the universe looking upon itself and dissolving the ego had the effect of allowing you to experience an unity of consciousness, in essence what is called the higher self. An awareness centred on the ball of energy, consciousness manifest within creation, was what was taking place. I have since wondered about the idea of a collective world 'soul' of which we all share a part. It's a feeling that humanity is one and this getting access to the unifying third person perspective confirms that in terms of consciousness there is no separation. The higher self is the self common to all. It's the collective conscious, the necessary opposite of the Jungian collective unconscious.

Becoming an adult brings about individuation and a desire for freedom. Establishing and cultivating an identity is a big part of the human game. There's some innate desire within that longs for this separation. Curiously though once we become convinced of our uniqueness, culture demands conformity. Culture is a collective ego demanding the individual submit to its demands. This is so odd because when you look into it from the opposing perspective that we are essentially all one it's a wonder why we go through the process of believing we are separate only to acquiesce to the demands of culture for conformity? Culture then becomes a decidedly perverse substitute for those who do not want to seek or hide from a return to unity however language and culture over emphasizes the notion of self to the point where it obfuscates any other mode of cognition and consciousness thus even those who may disdain their culture remain trapped.

The body is the vessel, bridge, and meeting point in the Middle World between the Lower and Upper World. The soul and the spirit become conjoined. The heart and the mind attempt a reconciliation. This is the concept of the Ba and the Ka, the soul and life force concepts of the ancient Egyptians. A successful mediation between the two results in a transfiguration into what they called the Akh, a luminous jabiru stork related to the iconography of Thoth who was their god of wisdom.
The ancient Egyptian Akh hieroglyph

Consciousness manifests in the Middle World in order to come to terms with this conflict not only within but also against the heart. This need for reconciliation bubbles up to the surface and causes conflict at unpredictable intervals. I sense the heart mother creating this world as a place for consciousness to work out its differences and mediate everything into the centre so that peace is attained and then a marriage with the heart can then be enacted. We hopefully work towards a tipping point one person at a time until collectively we see the light and start acting appropriately with love in our hearts for all.

The Illusion is the belief in constructs that keep your mind closed and the soul imprisoned. The physical world is really there and this traps the hardcore materialist into believing it is all there is and the necessary corollary to this line of thinking is to dismiss all forms of feelings, intuition, psychic disturbances, and dreaming as aberrant and pathological. From the Eastern philosophical standpoint the belief in karma, essentially the accumulation of spiritual debt that keeps you trapped within the wheel of incarnations, is one of these illusions which is called maya. This form of maya is a trap laid into the very same system the non critical believer blindly follows as they seek nirvana. The belief you need to do anything because of karma is the illusion. As well, the created world is not tangible, you can't hold onto it as it is ever changing and becoming so illusion in this regard is the opposite of the idea of permanence. In Judeo-Christian terms it is the belief that you need to be saved and worship a sole god in order to receive eternal life. From a global perspective ultimately it is the idea that culture has any meaning. The demands of your culture prevent you from rising above the mass mess.

The idea of maya translated as illusion maintains within its meaning a sense of play because once you see it for what it is the world and its systems of control can become gameplay. So although you may gather from the knowledge of maya that the world we live in is a construct it does not mean that it is not there, that it is only illusory. The meaning points towards the world being created by the feminine, maya, as a classroom in which the masculine spirit can play and through this gamesmanship the spirit as consciousness will grow and mature into the hero. It is a game of purification and by purification what I mean is the shedding of the negative traits inherent in the duality of consciousness, which is almost an impossibility, and consciousness is to nurture almost as an autonomous force an innate virtue which raises its vibration to such a level that it explodes into brilliant white light. To use the video game analogy this is when you have beaten the game, you rescue the princess as the heart, and you live happily ever after.

Love + Consciousness = Enlightenment

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