Monday, July 16, 2018

get back to the now

The separation of the monad as the event. All subsequent events are echoes of the original event which contained everything. The past is derivative of the eternal Now. When the monad separated, the explosion sent out vibrations deep into what can be thought of as the past. At first this energy created a huge ripple of space and time, a massive time cycle, which is measured in distance and duration. As the energy dissipates, the vibrations' peaks and valleys get less intense. We are all living in an explosion of space and time which is creating a past and everything is eventually headed back towards the eternal Now. All of creation is a vibration and time will eventually run in reverse to flow back towards the Now. The future is just past events that have yet to reoccur; they originally occurred during the original explosion of energy and await their replaying on the road home, all leading to the ever present Now. Get back to the Now. Home is Now and we want to return.

The frequency at which our vibration is oscillating is determining our ability to remember the past. Now is the only state there is but when we are able to self reflect and perceive Now it creates echoes much like the decay of a musical note. What makes music interesting is this decay. The decay of the note is leaving a trail behind of itself that we perceive as a past however it is all derivative of the eternal Now. Now is a ship sailing in the ocean and its wake is the past being left behind. The movement of the ship is such that we can look back into the water at the past and see the ripples our presence has made. This leads to questions such as when did Now start creating a past? It would have to be when it became active. From a cosmological standpoint the big bang would have created a huge vibrational force that exploded outwards, thus creating a first event. This event starts the process of creating dualities, and once the cresting vibrational wave has sufficiently slowed, the perception of separate objects. All time events then build off that event as the ship sails back from the farthest reaches of the past which was the crest of the wave, towards a date with destiny where Now and the trough of the vibrational wave meet and becomes unified once again.

The ship is catapulted far into the deep past by the big bang explosion and then it sails back to start retracing the events that were created as the wave vibration was ascending. Are we in the ascension or descension stage of the vibration? Modern astrophysics describes the universe as expanding so apparently the wave has not crested as of yet and events are still being created. Eventually the universe will collapse inwards and from that is set up an interesting conundrum: will all created time events then get played in reverse? A flip. Will the dead rise!?!

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