Monday, July 30, 2018


We live in a compositing model of existence. We are all separate objects against a transparent background and a great and mysterious compositor layers all objects together to create a seamless manifest universe. The great compositor can also be viewed as an architect. This is ridiculous. I am a part of my environment; I cannot be separated from it. My environment is part of the earth, which is part of the solar system, which is part of the galaxy, which is part of the universe.

There is no need to objectify even the universe or describe it as the one. That is clinging to the belief in objects. I can come to terms with giving up all objects except for that one. I will still stubbornly believe there is the one great object that everything comes from. Take a sledgehammer to that last belief you so desperately cling to and the only way I can describe this in language is to say then it just "is", with this word "is" being used as a verb and not a noun.

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