Monday, November 26, 2018

merry go round and round

Scientists can explain what we think are the fundamental physical underpinnings of the universe but the child's love of the merry go round remains a mystery. It's a psychological/psychospiritual connection to this inviting place where we are promised the chance to live out all our dreams and so we desire to give the carnival one more shot. Las Vegas writ large baby! We are cosmic gamblers and desire another roll of the dice in this great game to try and get to the top of our proverbial mountain.

I made a pact before returning this time to the merry go round in the search for the wizard, that I'd have to stumble through the process of self discovery and be allowed to persist in my own folly to determine if I could see through the game and end my fascination with it. I keep returning and going round and round, blowing out my game, probably because I got sidetracked by some desire. Some of us chase fame and fortune; some are here to help; some want to celebrate the self; some are unabashed hedonists - I want to figure it out (why not how) and this is the passion that keeps my flame burning. Ultimately that is the allure of plant medicines and the SpiritQuest Sanctuary. They will help you figure it out with a dose of needed discipline. Don Howard gives you the space you need to come to terms with the fascination and unwavering belief that you can game the system and make these plants work for you. I call it the school of hard knocks because even though he directly tells you the answers you need to successfully work with the plants, you go rogue because nothing beats experience and then beating yourself up repeatedly until bruised while eventually you think well maybe I should quiet my mind and be more accepting of self and this magic carpet ride. Don Howard sees this and you can detect a slight smile and a twinkle in his eyes as he addresses the group, casts a quick glimpse towards you, as he then gives advice to the new initiates about to go through the ringer. At this point a wave of humbleness washes over you.

Whatever formula, shuffle of the deck, or magic potion I used this time seems to have worked. I side stepped a bunch of pitfalls. I stumbled onto the mystery in the Amazon and got chased away the first time I went exploring. Not sure how I pulled it off, but I came back, scared, but I had courage. Eventually I got my answer. I am no longer fascinated and I'm walking home now.

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