Monday, May 20, 2019

playing on the grand stage of life

It's a friggin game. You know when many celebs and athletes give a shout out or glory to 'god', though I'm never sure who they are quite referring to, and they do it with conviction? And there's always one family member going on about this and they are evangelizing, which is just a nice religious word to describe the recruitment process, seducing you into a belief in someone else's belief. 

The spiritual experience is common to all at some point in your life and is probably amplified at high times of stress and challenge. Due to cultural indoctrination and institutions set up to deal with the phenomenon, it steers those that have this experience towards, in my culture at least, the church. Then you learn all about canon and dogma and what you are required to believe, which is not necessarily what you experienced. The experience of the transcendence is then transferred onto the lesser. Humans love power so we have found a way to take advantage of and extract from people wealth and obedience concerning the spiritual. In that is a lesson we must decode and learn from.

Anyway it used to rankle me for some reason, or I'd cringe when I would hear this talk. I caught some award show the other night where the performer was given a soapbox and then just prattled on about god, eliciting an 'oh gawd’ from me under my breath. I caught myself and examined my reaction. I realized that at its base the person had an undeniable connection to spirit and this is how they interpreted it so my reaction was uncalled for. They simply wanted to share their experience, and announce to the world their connection. I then realized maybe they made a connection with their higher self and their higher self made a promise to make things alright and give them the strength to succeed in life in exchange for a shout out. These experiences I know happen due to my mystical experiences of seeking and connecting to this ethereal higher self. The other thing is I know from my experience is that if you insist you have a higher self and a lower self then you are enabling the drama. It’s high art called the game of life on the master stage. Your higher self is played by the greatest thespian in the whole universe! If you want them to play god then by god they will play that part of god and they will do it so convincingly.

With this clarity I started laughing because it is a game now. The higher self(s) common to us all is now fucking with me saying "hey look at me, got another one and then they fell for the culture game. You didn't believe in my sublime acting abilities did you, when I crossed your path playing that struggling actor in Ayahuasca ceremony 10? You gave me a lame compliment. How about now?" Ok you got me, I give you props. There's no one else close to your talent. This is the pre eminent performance on the stage of stages. I bow down to your excellency.

My favourite line of thought lately is that god exists if you want him to exist. As long as there is a belief in god then he will continue to act the part. As a performer no one puts on a play in the theatre if there isn’t an audience and therefore a character to play. If you are a singer you can practice the art and craft but you don’t go all out, put on the costume, and do the total package performance without an audience. The audience makes or breaks you with instantaneous feedback on your performance. Well that’s what it's like to be god. To enable the actor to play this role and then be totally sucked in by it and see how long the performance can continue on before the run on Broadway comes to an end. Christianity had a pretty good run on the main stage, many believers and supporters, but it is winding down. It will still have enough appeal to go off Broadway though but the days of the grand performance as not only god but his son and a mysterious third is getting pretty fringy now. Human theatre underwent a transformation where instead of believing in the supernatural we pedestalize the man, especially with the success of science, and so the grand stage of some kind of confidence in the happenings of the universe has been ceded to the man with his chalkboard, equations, and holy white lab coat. They play a role that is the triumph of reason and logic which becomes pretty boring after a while we all admit, especially the equations which look like indecipherable ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. So within the drama is added a little spice, a little mystery, and dark matter and black holes give rise to flights of fancy and mystery within the spellbound audience. Pictures that represent the visible light spectrum are presented of a black hole object, that by definition eats light for breakfast so can't be photographed, and we take it all in! It’s such great theatre!

We all like acting. Take the activity known as cosplay. This is taking community theatre into your own hands and creating your own play. It is not relying on being cast into the part you want to play but just going for it and taking on the role. The things separating them from the Hollywood actors are that they do not have a televised awards show nor do they have a soapbox where they can use this platform to expound upon their personal philosophy. I mean they still can but their reach and influence is negligible so it doesn’t register but the fun to be had! You can be god if you want to; in fact you're a natural! It’s play and that's why we are here.  

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