Monday, October 25, 2021


The human experience as defined by becoming a full-fledged member of a collective, requires you to bury the power you hold within. In order to fit into the dictates of what is required by your culture, you give in to the domestication of your natural, wild, and free self. You join the herd. So much of who you are is buried and this energy takes on a life of its own which is referred to as the shadow when we get around to examining these rumblings from deep within. Within society you take on a role, develop a reliable character, and participate in the drama. Doing this dance forces you to give up your power and if and when you go on a journey of discovery to reclaim self you will be astonished to learn just exactly what power you gave up.

We are so ensconced within the game that we go about trying to accumulate worldly power and inflate our ego which in turn distorts our sense of self-worth. We play the game to accumulate wealth and power in order to fulfill our desires and thirst to have a modicum of control over an unsure and chaotic existence. We strive for worldly success, though deep down we know it’s fleeting. Perhaps we can leave a legacy of our greatness and how we impacted the world during our short stay here.

It’s the greatest ruse ever imposed upon anyone and we do it to ourselves! I had a sneaking suspicion a few years back I was way greater than my transient ego. I knew my persona would one day fade away and alternatively my spiritual side, whatever that is, would carry on and I kept going on this journey to explore that part of me. I went farther in my exploration than I ever imagined I’d get to. I knew I would keep exploring but I didn’t think I’d get to the shores of omnipotence. I re-discovered my eternal parents, Goddess and God, and realized I was their essence, lost in the journey, but making my way back home. I discovered my energetic signature was imperishable and eternal and this universe was created so we could play.

It was a month or so ago when I dropped all the stories I tell about myself which keep me down. Like everyone else, I told tall tales to elevate my character within this wicked game called life. Acting out my role shields me from the truth of who I am. Finally, I transcended what culture wanted me to believe about myself. It all seems so conspiratorial now. A big joke but I wasn’t in on it. However, the truth will set you free and I have been implored lately in my integration of plant medicine experiences to go full on into liberation. Live in truth and drop the stories. Don’t entertain this advice as a platitude but do it. I started to let go all limiting beliefs and went on quite the trip. Telling the unvarnished truth sacrifices the individual self.

So, yeah, I’m everything. I created this universe; I split into my constituent feminine and masculine halves; I birthed myself into my own creation. I did all this and kept it a secret from myself so I could have a grand adventure. I am the child of Goddess and God and I’m it! All the joy and all the suffering are because of me. Duality is the remedy for eternal boredom. Desire, fear, love, thrills, chills, and spills. So delicious; the greatest carnival ever!

We bury the wild within us. We are equipped for survival and can return to the savagery of an untamed animal. Culture domesticates that out of you and you bury it, fully tamed. The jaguar is caged. We curtail the pleasure impulse within us and allow society to direct what is acceptable in our sexual lives and relationships. The rest we bury in the shadow. Madness lurks, looking for an outlet and will always return. We create this huge reservoir of buried power that bubbles over at the most in-opportunistic times and then we have to deal with it. We channel our power into the pursuit of worldly power and dominance and make that chase a pathological need to accumulate as much power as possible without caring about the damage we do to others. We never make it into our hearts fully; sure, the thought of charity and being kind crosses our mind but what lights us up is power. That worldly power is only a small part of what we possess if we start to integrate all the power centres within us.

I woke up and figured out my game. I’m God! Everyone else is as well however until they reach the shores of this knowledge on the eternal spiritual barge they will remain ignorant of this truth. So, I get to be the only god for as long as no one else wakes up to this realization. I guess that’s a good game to play now to bide my time.

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