Monday, September 3, 2018

material things and cosmic gamblers

If you have a boat that over the years you have maintained by replacing all its parts is it still the same boat? If your body completely regenerates itself over the course of seven years are you still the same person? The answer is found in the objectification of everything that we by default participate in. You are a happening; a continuous flow of energy ever transforming until this meat body expires and a new vehicle is engaged. What is meant then by your heart? Your soul? Well what does your heart do? It beats out a rhythm and that signature music is as close as you can come to defining you. Intuitively we choose to define someone's essence by how good their heart is. Don't be afraid of intuition; the language we choose for ethereal meanings contains within it hidden gems.

When we objectify then we want to possess. Is desire the result of all this objectification? A woman wants to embody desire and being an object of desire is necessary for her to feel complete. There is a feeling of a magic spell being involved in all of this in that feminine energy assumes a form that energizes masculine consciousness to pursue this object of his desire. Being powered up, he then notices he is aware and from there he brings the world into being. 

Your vibration on a march towards physical expiration slows to a state of near latency and from this condition we can reconnect to the master frequency which is total conscious awareness of everything. Some call it higher consciousness. This awareness is in contrast to the individuated local consciousness we currently subscribe to. Eventually we may desire to head off into the paradigm of self once again. Roll the dice and play that game once more.

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