Monday, January 14, 2019

separation and unity

Light is the separator par excellence. With no light everything is non differentiated. Existence is a metaphor for this condition. To be enlightened, to be filled with light, is to fully understand that is the now we find ourselves in. We are separate and because of that we then know there is also a condition where all is unity. We shine a light on all aspects in order to come to terms with the all. Separate the parts and bring it all into the open and harmonize it with everything. That's what this great game is for if it is to have meaning at all.

To realize how energy works is to look towards nature and at a tree. To see how the energy moves off into a branch and then branches out from that branch until finally is birthed the delicate leaf. At the base of this construct are the roots of the tree that connects to the source of that energy which is the life giving soil of the earth. I mention this construct as I have been thinking of the energy within me and how it all works out. If I am the leaf, what is my branch, my tree, and my root? My wave of energy that has come forth is the leaf, and I ride the wave to completeness, and I seemingly can create the recurring self by riding the wave and not blowing it out at the crest or the trough. This way of thinking suggests a complete return to unity is through the big blow out as opposed to a little death where the latent energy will reappear.

Another way to look at it is through the waves of the ocean that head towards the shore. As the wave crashes into the shore, it comes to an end and rejoins the body of the ocean which is unity. From there it energizes and comes forth once again reenacting and revivifying the eternal cycle and the return of fundamentally what is. 

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